Friday, December 10, 2010

Whatever Wednesday #13

Hubby has been hogg'n the computer all week making a website for that means I haven't had a moment to blog until now!  So even though its late, here is my Whatever Wednesday for this week.

Its a cute story I think most parents will relate to.
Me and Jack went to Walmart the other night to do some Christmas shopping for Daddy.  
We went up and down the aisle trying to find those perfect gifts for dad.

Michael mentioned he'd like some cologne, so I got a bottle of cK for him.
Fast forward to last night when Michael and I were discussing Christmas presents, etc. and Jack walks in and matter-factly states...

"Daddy!  Me and mommy went to the last night (how he says yesterday)...and got a present for you!  It was a little bottle...with water in a little box!"  

Nice.  I looked over at Michael, who was smirking, and I said, 
"I bet you can't guess what that is!?"


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