Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My blog is disappointing...I know

Hey folks, thanks so much for sticking in there while I've had no camera...sniff sniff.
But I HAVE been craftin gup a storm and have tons of new, great projects to share..

I'm wheeling them out by the ton and I am praying that I can afford a camera soon and will be able to finally share them all!

BTW, I think I figured out what happened to my camera...I discovered it missing during/after Jacks birthday party.  I had snapped a few pics of the decorations and such and then got down to party business.  

The next day I couldn't find the camera OR MY WEDDING RING!!!  
I think we had a thief in our midst.
Bummer.  I loved my ring (it was a beautiful pearl)...trying to find a pretty but inexpensive replacement.  My husband and I worked out a  deal, that for our tenth, he'll get me another real one.



  1. What a bummer to have TWO things stolen that are both such a huge part of life! Your party must've been big! So sorry for your headache hon- and your blog is still fun and unique given that it's one of few relative to boys! I always enjoy visiting you :) Hope you have a great rest of the week!

  2. My wedding and engagement bands are also missing. I'm heartbroken, and worried that the offender in this case was one of my mischievous little boys...might have a better chance of recovery if I'd really been burgled!

    I hope both your camera and ring turn up.


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