Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a week...

Hi everyone!  Phew...what a week its been!
We've been busy over here trying to get life back on track from a weird week.

Our regular sitter (Michael's grandmother) was gone all week due to an ill family member...that meant the kids went to a drop in day care center, which was interesting for the boys.  

Then there was out "camp out" at my SIL's house because of the electricity fiasco!

And when we got home from the "camp out", we found that my older dog had gotten sick... 
Unfortunately, there is no hope for the couch now...the trash men will be hauling it away on Monday.

So that means, re-arranging to entire living room to accommodate two arm chairs instead of the couch...what a mess.  But it ended up being a nice change, so I'll post pics of the "new" living room soon!

So all in all, one CrAzY week, but all is least for now!


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