Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scrap Quilted Table Runner

I was off on Monday, so I finally had the time to make this runner I first saw here and then here.
I knew I wanted to make one and this is a GREAT scrap buster!

Best of husband actually likes it!!  Hehe!
He even thinks I should add some color like this to other areas of the house.

Got to use a lot of scrap fabric that I love and haven't been able to part with.  In fact, just before seeing this project, I had gone thru and thrown out a bunch of stuff I could have used :( on this one.  
This'll teach me...

Can't wait to make my mom one!
And  my SIL, and my MIL, and my friends...



  1. Looks great! My husband made a similar comment about puting them in multiple places in our house when I made my first couple runners. The bum was kidding (I already had at least 3 in the room he was in at the time), and it took me too long to catch on...

  2. That looks great. I wish that I had fabric scraps so that I could make this! I'll probably just go buy some!

  3. Love the table runner. Would go in my home so well! Best wishes, Linda

  4. Love it! I love scrap busters!

  5. I love these runners that keep popping up in places...yours turned out fantastic!


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