Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Put Together Tuesday turned Whatever Wednesday

I had a great otufit to share today for Put Together Tuesday, but...the batteries in the camera went dead. 

So to improvize...I'm going to do Whatever Wednesday a little early (pick up some batteries on the way home tomorrow) and post Put Together Tuesdays tomorrow.  Can you dig it?

So this weeks Whatever Wednesday is a cool activity the kiddo's did at school.
Paperclip Fishing!

Here is Sam trying to catch a "big one".  All it is is a magnet at the end of a string on a pole and paperclips on fish cut outs!  Then they get to "fish" for a fish!


What a great activity!!  Easy and quick to put together and easy and fun for little "fishermen"!
Thanks Ms. Weeks!



  1. Love the fishing with paperclips and a magnet! Easy, safe, fun. You might also like a magic trick with paper clips. Supplies: a strip of paper and two paper clips. Fold the paper into a z, clip the paper clips in the same direction, on different folds, pull the ends of the strip of paper and the paper clips interlock in a dramatic finish. http://newgrandmas.com/?p=169

  2. We made one of those when the Minions were little, and it was a blast! Your stinky boys look very pleased with themselves.

  3. Oh so much fun - I made this for my 3 year old boy and 2 of his little mates for Christmas last year - when his mates parents come over for dinner we feed the kids then set up fishing close by - it keeps them occupied while we get to eat our dinner in peace (with the occasional 'look what i caught!') and enjoy a glass of wine and a chat. They LOVE it (and so do we! lol)

    I made my fish out of plastic so we can put water in the tubs and the fish 'swim' :) (we just put down a big towel under them when they fish inside!)

    Love your blog - sorry to hear you're experiencing difficulties (like you said, who isn't at the moment - its tough times for sure) Hope things will be looking up soon :)


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