Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Whatever Wednesday #21

So here is my re-made re-made living room.  

Since our old couch got ruined, my folks gave us this beauty!
Everything is positioned much like it was when I first re-did the room and it still flows really well, dispite the length of the couch.

I kept my rug straight but angled the coffee table with the couch, which at first looked kinda silly bit then grew on me!  Its just different!

I was also afraid the room would look lop-sided with the large, dark leather couch and coffee table on the same side as the fire place, but having my dining table on the opposite wall off sets everything nicely.

The coffee table is my next project.  I really want to get some more color in this room, especially since the couch is so dark.  I really love all the color from my table runner, so I think I'll pull the soft green, red and turquoise colors from the fabric and paint some of the furniture.


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