Friday, May 6, 2011

God Bless the Dollar Tree...

So I went to the Dollar Tree to pick up some mouth wash and flip flops.
Yup.  You heard right.

Flip flops for Jack because they are the only shoes he can put on all by himself and God forbid anyone help him with anything! And mouthwash because I'm out.

But...I didn't walk out with just flip flops and mouthwash.
Check out my loot!!!

Let's see...
2 sheets of decal letters
a ball pf twine
a roll of beautilful French toile contact paper
a bag of floral moss
2 straw wreaths
5 rolls of ribbon
2 baskets of sea shells
2 bags of decor glass beads
and a little wooden tray

I have so many ideas stirring!  Eek!

And yes, we did get plenty of flip flops...
Grey, brown, and black with flames...guess which Jack picked out.
And for only a $1!!!

Like I said...
God Bless the Dollar Tree...
Can I get an Amen?


  1. I love Dollar Tree! My kids get so excited when I tell them they can pick something out. "You mean I can choose ANYTHING? How will I know if it's on sale?" :)

    Laura @ Come Together Kids

  2. Amen!

    What a great trip it turned out to be! You got some great items there, but did you get the mouthwash!! :)

    I always get sidetracked when out shopping by craft supplies and forget the things I actually went out for!

  3. That looks like one of MY trips to the Dollar Tree : )

  4. The D Tree is just like never can leave with what you intended. And sometimes you forget the toilet paper, but scored awesomely on the clearance rack.

  5. ohh...I see the tray now...Must go look for that!

  6. Amen! :) We bought flip flops there one year and ties bits of fabric to make poofy flops! They were too cute.


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