Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Whatever Wednesday #28

If you are a you ever have pics of yourself?  
I mean, I'll go thru tons of our family pics and I am in hardly any of them!  I asked my husband this very question and he maintained that it's because I am always the one taking the pics.

I guess he has a point.
Well, if I've got the camera...I'll just take pics of myself then!

(sam moved...)
Now I got some "me and the boys" pictures.  Finally!

And...I snapped a few "feel pretty" ones...

Now can you believe that I took these pics?  Hard to tell, huh?
Sneaky trick to be in some family photo's!



  1. Funny, I was just downloading our recent vacation pics and feeling the same way. Although, I admit to hiding from the camera or deleting bad ones, since the ones that are taken alway come out terrible.

  2. Hello!! Recently started following your blog! I have been really vigilant about trying to take pictures with my son and I. I sometimes feel so silly about how many mommy and baby pics I take lol. Your pictures our just too cute and definitely priceless!!



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