Friday, May 27, 2011

Jack's MONSTER JAM 4th Birthday Party!

So the little young'n turned I think by now, we've made up our mind to go ahead and keep him.
Just kidding :)

Man,we had a great time!  Total and complete MAYHEM in my tiny house, but who knew 40 bodies could fit in my living room!?

So since my dad took all the boys to go see Monster Jam (aka monster truck show) a few weeks ago, we had to do a moster truck theme...

and I'll just be damned if the Dollar Tree didn't have a whole cute little line of Monster Truck themed b-day supplies!!The b-day gods were smiling on me :)

(I forgot to take a pic of everything set up, but you get the idea)
But check out the cake...of course, my dad did it.

You've seen his work here, here, and here!
Look how huge it is compared to Jack!
In case you wondering, the cake box is actually a little "stadium".  (my dad's a packaging designer and can make anything out of corrugated).  The cake is decorated like a dirt track and we bought a bunch of mini monster trucks from Wal-Mart and stuck em on!  Best of all, he still has the stadium and plays "monster truck show" all the time.

And of course, Jack loved all his presents.  Check out all the loot!
And birthday games...nah.  Who's wants to do that?
I just turned on the funky sprinkler and put out the kiddie pool...the kids were satisfied with that.

(you can't really see the sprinkler, but that's what my dog is so interested at in the pic above; she's so dumb :)

I got all the plates, decor, napkins, streamers, even Mylar balloons from the Dollar Tree...not bad.
I think the total for decorations and party supplies was like $40.  Throw in some hot dogs, chips, and popsicles...maybe another $20.  And we kept it light on the presents from us since we have such a huge family...he got TONS of new toys.  I only spent $30-40 on his presents.
That's an entire 4th birthday for under $100.

He had a great time!  Happy 4th kiddo!



  1. My son would flip out if he saw that cake. It's amazing! What a great party!

  2. That cake is amazing!!! What a lucky little guy! Looks like he had a blast :-)

  3. Very cute! Your Jack is adorable. Monster trucks are a win for every little boy I know!

    Happy birthday to him and congrats on four years to you!


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