Friday, May 6, 2011

Life in Rehab for Feature Friday

Hey folks!  I've got a good one for you this Friday...
meet Sunny at Life in Rehab.  One of the coolest chicks in the blogoshere!

She's got more comic relief and DIY's then I could EVER come up with and she's here to share some of both.  Here's what Sunny's got to say...

"Hi, I'm Sunny Pritchard, a bad girl turned middle aged mom. I'm a newly wed of 20 years with three teenaged Minions, enough cats that I should be single and making hats out of aluminum foil, two dogs with attachment issues and my mother, all under the roof of a house that caught on fire in August 2009."
"We've torn our house completely apart!"
Check it out here.

"We're determined to bring the old historic girl back to life economically (fine, cheaply) with teamwork and DIY, and we're actually having a blast doing it. Throw in some personal musings, recipes, and unsolicited parenting advice, and you have Life in Rehab. We'll try anything once. If it works out, we'll admit it."

"And of course we made over most of the furniture."
 See this here with other great re-do's!

"We made lots of new possessions out of some of the least likely things."
 Check all this DIY, up-cycling goodness here!

"We've proven we're not normal. No one has argued with us." -Sunny

And who is normal these day s anyways?!  
Thanks so much for sharing with us Sunny!
If you would like to be featured on Feature Friday, email me today!


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  1. Hi Ginger, thanks so much for the feature and the extremely flattering words! We're big fans of SBFMOB and were honored to be here today.


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