Friday, February 5, 2010

About Me

Hi all,

My name is Ginger Cochran! I am a Christian, stay at home mother of 2 boys...Jack, 2 years old and Samuel, 7 months old. I am married to the most wonderful man ever, Michael, and we live in Lake Dallas, Texas! We have 2 dogs, Turkish and Lily, and 1 cat, Bonjoure. We attend Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas.

I am a big time crafter! I love making jewelry, bath and body products, childrens decor and more. I love to paint and draw and I have recently become addicted to blogging!!!

While at home with my boys, I run a blog shop, Appleseed Gifts! I am also a committee member for Jackie's Hope for a Cure and author the blog, JackiesHope4aCure.

I started this blog for a number of reasons, the first of which is being a stay at home mother is a very hard job...yes, it's a job. SAHM's put in more hours, effort, emotion, blood, sweat and tears than they ever did at day jobs.

You are a cook, maid, mother, wife, doctor, home-maker and everything else in between! In addition to just in-house work: you've got events to plan, volunteer hours, family functions, play dates, school parties, holidays, etc...Phew! A lot of work.

Have two rambunctious boys to tangle with and its a recipe for total and utter chaos. That's why I began the Support Blog for Moms of BOYS! Because when mothering a boy, you need a sense of humor and a place to find strength! Here, you'll find both and little more.

All are welcome here! Enjoy everyone!


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