Sunday, February 21, 2010

Button? Button? Who's got a button...?

Hi all,

Buttons, as most bloggers know, are an invaluable networking resource for blog shops, blog hoppers, and even websites. Whether you have a business, craft, trade, or personal blog, you wanna share it with the world...right?

Buttons are quickest way to spread the awesome word about your awesome blog. Share your thoughts with others through my fab button designs!

Want one? I'll make it. Click here to view some awesome backgrounds and fonts to choose from.

Super affordable, no hosting costs, and you get a button tailored to your blog. Happy Blogging!

Ordering is easy...simply contact me with your desired button item number, desired font, and what you want your button to say.

Example: Craft-sewing-#5-Girls are Weird-I Love Sewing!!! (depending on your button choice, you may not have to submit a sub-category in your order...questions?...Contact me!!)


1 comment:

  1. Thank you for making my buttons! I love the rose!!! Blessings on your adventure in making buttons...funny what that word means today.


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