Friday, February 5, 2010

Bathtime Bumble

Yesterday went pretty much without a hitch...Jack went to preschool and naps went well. So I was think'n..."so far, so good!" forward to when daddy gets home. Turning a corner here...with the whining, yelling, and all the loud noisy toys I despise have emerged and are scattering my living room. ~sigh~

Phew...I was saved by a necessary trip to the store...yep, I sometimes fake a trip a to the store (check back tomorrow for the story). And I return to an orderly house...hubby's pretty good! Dinner was a success (Jack actually ate his hamburger).

Ahhhhhh...bath time. Its all down hill from here! Nearly a whole day without any big mishaps! Then it happened...Jack emptied an ENTIRE roll of toilet paper into the bath with him. (He needed to wash his cars)~sigh~

Oh well, so much for no mishaps. It took a little while to clean up and hubby was kind enough to do it for poor, worn out mommy.

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