Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Well, we're trying to start potty training for Jack. Not going so well so far. ~sigh~ We've had him in Pull-Ups for a few weeks now, but he just sees those as diapers!

Moved on to underwear today and already had an accident. Any tips for potty training anyone??? Already tried the cheerio in the toilet. He tried to get it out and eat it...

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  1. My son turned two Oct4 last year and about a month or two before his birthday he decided he wanted to use the potty... problem is that if we put anything ... anything at all... back on him he'd pee in it. So on and off since then he's wanted to go pee on the potty so we let him and we started letting him run arounds with nothing on his bottom half (only at home of course)and as long as he was nakey he'd use the potty and not have accidents but as soon as we tried undies/pull ups he'd go in them. Well two days ago he decided he didn't want to wear diapers anymore!! He freaked when I tried to put one on him in the morning; so I told him we had to wear something and let him pick out his undies (and explained that they're not diapers so don't go in them). Today is day 3 without diapers (we use a pull up during nap and at bedtime and if we go out)and so far so good. we simply ask him around every 1/2 hour and he tells us yep or no!! Good Luck (I'm hoping this lasts this time and isn't just another phase)

  2. Hmmm...I guess its just a "wait til they are ready" thing...~sigh~

    Thanks for your story!


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