Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jack had a manicure this morning... I was frantically running around this morning trying to get everything ready for school (its his little Valentine party at school today) and trying to get the baby dressed...I stopped dead in my tracks.

No noise...
No cars "crashing" in his room...
No laughing at the cartoons on the tube...
No chasing the cat around the living room...

Now I'm suspicious. What has he gotten into now? So I peeked around the corner of his door...~sigh~ One hand COVERED in my glittery, quick-set, maroon nail polish. And the rest of my nail kit scattered about his room.

Well, at least he didn't get any on the carpet...nope, that's where he colors with crayons! Well...not anymore anyways.

So, after 6 cotton balls soaked with nail polish remover, there was minimal evidence of his manicure. Too bad I don't have pics...but I figured that might be sending him the wrong message. Happy Parenting!


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