Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dollar Tree Games!

So I planted this garden right?  Check out all the fun I had last night... 

But today I wanted to share some tips for cheap games and activities I've found for Jack.
All are either from the Dollar Tree (holla for the dolla!) or FREE!

I love the Dollar Tree (see this post).

I picked up these foam dice from there and we have a great time learning about numbers and counting with them!  Plus, their foam so Sam can join in the fun!

I also got these wooden shapes/shoelace sets from there!  Perfect for learning shapes, colors and exercising those fine motor skills.
But one of our favorite car games (FREE!!!) is I Spy Shapes...when in the car, we spy all the shapes around us.  Octagon from the stop sign, rectangle from a tall building, square from the street signs, etc.

Jack LOVES it!  Try it out the next time your out and about with the kiddo's!
Post a comment with your dollar activities and car games!



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