Monday, July 5, 2010

Lots MORE to Share!

So I have a little more to share with you today...first off, I am finally teaching ART!  After all these years, I am actually doing something with my degree.  

And though it's still a far cry from my dream job as a college level art history professor...but hey!  

In fact I am an interactive art instructor for the G'nosh Art Studio in Frisco.  Not college courses but still studio time.  I am so excited!!!  Yippee!

Secondly, I had wanted to limit my Mad Skills Monday favs to 4th of July or Americana projects...but I just could not leave a few more of my favs out.
  So here I am continuing my Mad Skills features...congrats!

I wanna try making on of these rice warmers from Ponytails and Fish Scales

I really love this tea towel cake from Sweet Little Smoothie...perfect for a wedding shower!

Digg'n these apple bags from Flexible Dreams...would make a trendy diaper bag too.

And last but certainly not least...I am in total love with this egg carton decor from Simpsonized much so that I intend on featuring it again at Appleseed Gifts!
Love the the beads...LOVE IT!

Congrats to everyone who linked up!  I enjoy reading all of your posts and feel honored that you have chosen to share them with me at Mad Skills Monday!  
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