Friday, July 9, 2010

A Tale of Two Flippies

First off, I will apologize in advance that there will be no pics with this post (none of mine anyway) husband lost the camera...ah huh.

So we will be without a camera until either he finds it (unlikely) or until we can save up enough $$$ to buy a new one (unlikely).

But on to my story.  Its a sad story of two brothers, flip flop one and flip flop two.  They were separated by fate and then reunited unexpectedly!

My husband and I went out to dinner tonight and of started POURING RAIN outside.  I thought my van was going to float away.  We hung as long as we could to wait it out, but Sam was getting impatient.

Oh well, a little rain never hurt anyone.  Tell that to my right flip flop!
In trying to run hobble to the van (my feet sinking into about 4 inches of water) my flip flop was ripped of my foot and carried away...far away, down the parking lot!  So sad.

The one still attached to my foot was heartbroken facing the trash can with out its brother...cuz seriously, what would I do with one flippy?  The other facing a long and lonely life in the storm sewer.

We pulled out of the parking space me scolding my husband for not getting to my shoe fast enough when alas!  A kind stranger got out of his car to rescue my flip flop!!  Yeah!!!!!

Moral of the story...make your husband pull the car up to the door in the event of in-climate weather.


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  1. Too funny! Yay for the saved flip flop!! :)

    The Gift Closet


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