Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quick Fabric Fix!

So I was wanting to get some cute new fabric, preferably girl fabric, since I have a baby gift in the works for a co-worker.  He is about to be blessed with a beautiful baby girl, due August 11th!

But I just couldn't find the time to get to Hobby Lobby or Joanne's...I was so bummed!
But during a recent trip to Wally World, I discovered something awesome...
I know that they had dome away with the fabric department but discovered little pre-packaged fabric cuts in the craft department for only $1 each!!!  Not a lot for huge projects but for toys, bibs, and more?  Plenty to work with!

Just look at these too cute prints!?

I snagged a bunch for my baby girl gifts I have in mind for my gift, so for under $6...I'll have a homemade, straight-from-the-heart-baby gift!  Look for it coming soon!

So the next time you wanna quick fabric fix, head over to your Walmart and see what they have...and mine had A LOT!


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  1. we got lucky here our walmart is not taking their fabric dept out because we got 5000+ signatures on a petition! lol Small town = very adamant about keeping their dang fabric!


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