Thursday, April 13, 2017

Art Journaling from a Thrifted Book


So I came across a lovely online art journaling class that included a thrifted book! I was so intrigued!

The idea is that the book already contains text, imagery, binding and a hard cover...sounds like my kind of project for sure ;) I immediately went to my book shelve as I knew I had the perfect book to start out on my newest creative journal :)

As luck would have it, I had purchased this vintage indoor gardening book months ago. I saw it and was just drawn to it. I'm glad I didn't disregard it as a frivolous purchase :)

It has some beautiful imagery - not to mention that old book smell. It's perfect!

It had a dust jacket cover, but I decided to omit that from the journal itself and use this paper for collage purposes later on.

So now I have a beautiful hard-bound book to work with.

Next using regular craft paint, from Walmart or Michael's, I added some color to the pages of the thrifted book.

I also collaged several magazine pieces and various paper materiel onto the pages. Whatever struck my artistic fancy!

Materials used were:

magazine pictures
dust jacket material
brochures clippings
craft paint
oil pastel
colored paper

I also used various items to create a painted pattern, such as bubble wrap or the eraser end of a pencil.

I also enjoyed cutting out letters from magazines to create text in a random note style.

I used several paper sources for collage material, to include:

Past plane tickets
packing materials
washi tape

I am particularly drawn to SKU numbers and bar-codes :)

So much at your finger tips! Any paper material can be recycled to create art in your art journal. I hope to see what you all journal about and create!



I will be linking to these awesome parties!

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