Thursday, April 6, 2017

Fun Dollar Tree Finds


I'm getting very close to show week so I have been a little busy. My apologies - if anyone is out there reading :)

However, I' am very excited to share some finds from The Dollar Tree the other day :) Nothing major but for me, as a mixed media artist, I was pretty thrilled t find these there.

First, this XOXO stamp. Simple but provides a little something extra to the painting I mentioned here. May not seem like much but I knew I wanted to add this to the painting.

I also saw they had this washi knock off tape available. So I grabbed a few spools!

Nice patterns and colors... not sure what I have in store with these yet. I know they can def be used in crafts like these DIY envelopes.

I suppose you can be on the look out for some art or crafts involving more of these soon ;)



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