Monday, April 17, 2017

Vintage Film Photography - SX 70 Poleriod Land Camera


I hope you all are doing well this Monday :) And since I have to wait on Support Your Fellow Crafter for a little bit, I thought I'd share some recent photography experiences I had the pleasure of having :)

I had the privilege to accompany both children on their spring field trip this year and decided it was time to bust out the vintage film photography cameras :) My oldest child was visiting Lake Ray Roberts State Park, just north of Sanger Texas for a day of hiking, pond life exploration, fishing and wild animal education! It was so much fun! Not just for my kid, but for me!

My second child has a trip to our very own, Dallas Arboretum. Truly a beautiful and amazing place with the most gorgeous flowers and plants I have ever seen! They have a very involved children's garden :)

I decided to take my SX-70 Polaroid Land camera on both and managed to score some amazing shots.

Note: even though the film may be brand new, photographs from a vintage camera ALWAYS have that beautiful old times feel and the patinas are to die for!

Check out some of my shots from our hiking trip. All black and white sx70 instant film from 1960s vintage Poleriod land camera:

So incredibly mysterious looking and the black and white sets the tone for the subject matter here - definitely!

Bones always tend to create interesting and captivating photographs. The rawness and texture of the subject matter lends for very moving photographs.

Even with a fault in the film on this last one, the feeling remains and the subject matter is translated into a lonely and dreary feeling.

I only managed to get a few great Poleriod photographs at the Arboretum due to the weather being overcast :( But I did have a few that I was really proud of!

This one by far was my most impressive exposure. These flowers are so delicate looking and the patina provided by the camera aged this photograph by years! Also the focus of this particular camera is astounding :)

Though this last one is out of focus (due to my sons jumping on my back) I adored how it came out! Life is almost never in focus - you enter each day blind and you never know what is just over the bridge ;)

I was hoping to have some shots from my vintage Minolta 35 mm, but alas...the battery died :(

Enjoy the gift of photography!
Comment below with your beautiful pictures! I would very much love to see them.


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