Friday, April 21, 2017

How to Get Started With Creative Writing


So in recently finding some adorable Coloring Journals at the Dollar Tree, I thought I'd share a post that stems from creative journaling, mainly focusing on the visual creative, and into the realm of creative writing!

Now I have never been much of a writer... any journals I have ever started end up having doodles in them.... It's in my blood I guess LOL!

As long as there are actual words right..?

Well, I decided to look up some reference materials and study some prompts for channeling and practicing regular writing habits.

Whether your goal is creative writing, short stories or even just morning pages... It's time to explore and perhaps you'll find you are more of a writer than you thought :)

First thing is to find a great journal or stack of paper - or heck.. even the computer! It all works the same. I prefer a bound journal, cuz it just feels good to me ;)

Writing can be just thoughts to paper, short stories, poetry (whether it rhymes or not) - I've dabbled in it all.

How to get started?!
Here are some fabulous writing prompts for an entire year! 365 daily writing prompts :) Some of them may seem a little rudimentary but they are designed to force thoughts to page. This will def be on my to do list.

Random scribbles.. :) 

Let's talk poetry! 
Now while we can all agree that there are several types of poetry, my favorite is the laziest :)

Free verse is exactly as it sounds - free from rule, rhyme, count, and all that ABBAA nonsense. It's the abstract painting of poetry :) 

Of the most celebrated poets of all time, Walt Whitman was most honorably titled the father of free verse. And if you haven't acquainted yourself with his work, please do so. Thanks Walt ;)

Now let's explore short stories!

Short stories are novels in a hurry...That's my kinda writing! LOL I tried a novel once and got bored almost instantly. It's just such a huge commitment for me.

However, short stories are.. haha, another story. I'm teaming with them and they stem directly from my dreams 99.9% of the time. ( I've always had extremely vivid dreams)

Check out this comprehensive on starting your own short story!

My own personal writing tips? Here are some of my go to's:

1. copy down the lyrics to a song

2. quick words (start with one word and then copy related words that associate with that word. eg; BIRD. flight. float. sky. freedom. 

3. short 2-3 sentence thoughts. eg: I saw a man today begging for change. What led to this moment for him? Has he retreated into himself with no return?

4. write about a dream

5. copy a random conversation down - either your own or one you overheard

6. write about a world mystery. eg; What really happened at Roswell?



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