Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Newest Mixed Media Painting


I started art journaling several months ago...only I was not sure I was art journaling at that time :) lol! What I mean is, I was keeping busy with creative doodling to try and prevent artist block. And it turned into one of my preferred creative practices :)

During this time, I was experimenting with different medium - exploring how one color of one medium pairs with another of the same color. Different textures and shapes. I realized it was a lot of fun and the process was really inspiring.

Essentially I discovered - by accident - the abstract style that I now singularly pursue. I feel it is original work, true to my artistic nature and true to my personality.

Here is a painting I had started months ago. I started and stopped adding to it on several occasions - thinking more and more about what direction the painting was taking.

I'm still not sure if it is complete at this time, but I wanted to share it :)

Medium includes:

acrylic paint
oil pastel
#2 pencil
charcoal pencil
ink pen
ink stamp

I hope you enjoy!


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