Thursday, April 20, 2017

DIY Accordion Journal


Once again adding to my creative journal collection :) Well what can I say? I'm heading to New York this weekend for a company retreat and I direct art shows for a living...being creative will be a given.

And I would like to journal about my first experience to the big apple ;) I decided on a smaller sized, accordion journal for easy traveling. This was a good one because I was able to use paper I already had on hand.

Up-cycled, recycled and cute as a button. Let's get started!

Here is what you'll need for your journal:

a scrap piece of poster board
2 sheets of card stock printer paper
glue stick
pencil (not pictured)
paper cutter or utility knife

Let's talk paper for a sec. You could really use any paper or regular copy/printer paper. However, I wanted thick white paper that will hold up to paint.

This is the brand I used - available on here.

First I've taken my scrap piece of black poster board (about 7.5 inches long) and marked the center point length ways. *Honestly, I think this was a piece of backer board from a frame I bought* I never throw papers away!

You'll then mark 1/8 inch on either side of the center mark. This will be the spine of our journal.

Then, using the straight edge of the ruler, bend/fold over each side to create the spine.

Then bend and fold the opposite side.

Now you have a spine ;)

If your edges don't line up like here, just trim the access off with scissors.

Now you're ready to make the inside accordion of your creative journal. Taking a piece of the card stock, eyeball about 1/8 inch from the edges of the cover.

Once measured, mark with a pencil and cut the card stock length ways at your measurement.

Then cut the second sheet of card stock likewise.

Then using the ruler, bend a small 1/4 inch section on the ends of both card stock pieces.

Then, using the glue stick, apply glue liberally and sandwich both "grooves together" making a "V" shape with the card stock.

Set aside to dry for a few minutes ;)

Once dry, you can use this "mid-point V" to gauge your accordion folds. Just a simple "over/under"fold.

Then, using the glue stick, glue the left end piece to the back of the book cover.

Then allow to dry.

I then took another scrap piece of paper and glued it to the inside of the front cover, but that's optional.

Lastly, I had a sweet little watercolor doodle that I've been hanging onto and thought it would make a pretty front cover :)

I added a fun striped binder clip and all done! Ready for a New York adventure!



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