Wednesday, April 19, 2017

DIY Cat Cave


I think I've mentioned before that I tend to spoil my cats :) I'm always thinking of new toys for them and giving the occasional canned food as a treat.

Here's Oliver looking all majestic in the studio ;)

Today I got a package from Amazon and it came in a pretty big box. And I'm thinking.... what can I do with that? Bingo. Cat cave!

Here's what you need:

Big cardboard box
contact paper
clear packing tape
utility knife
white craft paint 
paint brush
white cotton rope ( I had some left over from this project)
glue gun
left over carpet piece (I had a piece left over from my cat tree)

Let's get started!

First, draw an arch to cut that will be the opening.

Once cut, tape the box closed with clear packing tape.

Reinforce the other side with tape.
Watch your cat climb in your project LOL!

Cut some contact paper to size and attached to the sides of the box. Cut the corners at 45 degree angles and fold in.

Note: I reinforced the edges of the contact paper with clear packing tape to make sure they wouldn't come up.

Once all the sides except for the opening are covered, grab your paint and brush and add a first coat.
Let dry.

Then add second coat and let dry.

Once dry, plug in the glue gun and hot glue the carpet piece to the top of the cat cave.

Lastly, hot glue some cotton rope around the opening.

Then add a little catnip as well as an old towel and watch the kitties explore!

I think they like it :)



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