Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Perennials That Thrive in North Texas


For those that garden in the same neck of the woods as I do, I thought I'd share which perennials do really well for me :)

Perennials are plants that stay dormant during winter months and will come back in the following spring.

I love perennials for one main reason - you buy them only once! They come back the next year and some come back every spring for years to come :) What's not to love? Flowers that live on and on and spending the money once? That is what I call double duty :)

I have a pretty active vegetable garden at the moment and, while I am certainly no expert to gardening, I have several species of flower that has come back year after year with no complaint :) And this gives me a well deserved boost! LOL

Here are a few from my personal garden that are hardy for this region of Texas:

One of my personal favorites is Creeping Jew (as I have always known it) - also known as Wandering Jew. Such a vibrant purple, very hardy and it can be cut, rooted in a jar of water and then planted else where. A great addition to any North Texas garden - hands down.

The beautiful and tropical Hibiscus flower :) Other than trimming the dead branches back each fall, my hibiscus come back vibrant as ever each spring.

This is a basic lavender that I bought from Home Depot (not sure of the species exactly) but it has returned for the past two years, very full and very vibrant. It draws both butterflies and bees for pollination so very good for the environment and your backyard habitat. 

It also comes back in the most horrid soil possible - the area in which I originally planted it is hard clay (I didn't realize it at the time) and it prevails each spring :)

And of course, any rose bush. They are beautiful. They are hardy. I mean come on... It's a ROSE! A classic to any garden.

Lastly, but certainly not least as I am sure there are many more perennials out there for North Texans, would be strawberries. They do indeed come back every spring for several years. They have beautiful ground cover and blossoms, not to mention the fruit :) It's a win/win all around!

I hope this may be helpful and will also curb your attentions past the basic petunias and other annuals! They are certainly beautiful, economical and worthy of their place in your garden, but perennials prove their worth for several years!



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