Thursday, March 18, 2010

Critter Cushions from A Winding Road...

...I HAD to blog about these...they are the cutest, most pitiful looking little guys, but that makes them so adorable!!!

They are just precious...with their little faces!  Perfect for a featurette today!  Congrats to A Winding Road for such great, innovative work!

Man, I need a sewing machine...I wanna learn how to make such cute stuff like this!  Be sure to visit over there and post comments...we all love comments :)

Be a doll and snag this button!



  1. Wow thanks for the fantastic feature!! You should get your self a sew machine will change your life!

  2. You need to come visit me...I have a sewing machine you can borrow and I will teach you how to get started....just passing it on to the next generation!!!!

  3. Just found you. I have 3 not quite around here! I wouldn't have it any other way. Come by and check out my blog. I have tons of boys projects. Here are my favs:

    Little Man Tie

    Chicks Dig Me T-shirt

    Little Men Can Cook Play Kitchen

    Here's to a Mother of Boys support group!



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