Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Grinch Quiz...

Awww...bummed out that no one wanted to play?!  But some of the questions were kinda tough ;)
Here are the correct answers:

-What is the dogs name? Max
-Where does the Grinch live? Just north of Who-ville
-What is the main reason the Grinch hates Christmas? All the noise, noise, noise!
-Where do the Who's live? Who-ville
-What materials did the Grinch use to make his coat & hat? Red curtain and stuffing from Max's bed
-How many times does the Grinch get stuck in the chimney? Only once
-How long was the Grinch stuck? For a minute or two
-Why did the Grinch think he could go down the chimney? If Santa could do it...then so could the Grinch!
-The Who Children will dance with what tied to their heels on Christmas day? Jing-Tinglers
-Who was the only Who who saw the Grinch on Christmas Eve? Cindy Lou Who
-How much do the Who's like Christmas? A lot
-While raiding the refrigerator, the Grinch took the last can of what? Who Hash
-What did the dog do before the Grinch tied him to the front of the sleigh? Jumped in for a sleigh ride!
-What did the Grinch use to fasten the horn on the dog's head? Black thread
-Where did the Grinch stop first? the first little house on the square
-How did the Grinch get the idea to dress up as Santa? the snow of Max's face
-Where did the Grinch tell the Who he was taking the Christmas tree? home to his work shop
-What did the Grinch leave on the walls? hooks and some wire
-What was the last thing the Grinch took? a crumb that was even too small for a mouse
-After eating their Christmas meal, what do the Who's do that the Grinch hates? Sing
-What is the name of the Mount that the Grinch took the Who's Christmas, and how high was it? Mt. Crumpit-10,000 feet up
-What did the Grinch do at the Who's Christmas feast? Carve the roast beast


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