Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tips n' Tidbits-Easy Cleaning Tips

I posted this same thing over at Appleseed, but if you have kids...then this post is definitely for you too!

Have company coming over unexpectedly?? Spruce up the most popular rooms in your home quickly and effectively! Here are a few minute cleaning tips I have discovered...get your home looking clean in under 15 minutes...maybe less!

10 second Bathroom Haul:
  1. Close the toilet lid
  2. Pull the shower curtain closed
  3. Clear the counter of clutter
  4. Put a full roll of t.p. on the holder
  5. Light a candle!
  6. Open the shades to the window a little (natural light does wonders)
10 minute Kitchen Haul:
  1. Clear counter of clutter
  2. Clear the sink and stove of dishes
  3. Remove magnets from the front of your fridge
  4. Brew some coffee (smells good and you can offer it to your guests)
  5. Light a candle!
  6. Dim the lighting (only use your under-cabinet lighting if you have it or just use the stove light)
2 minute Den or Living Room Haul:
  1. Clear toys, baby gear, etc. from the room
  2. Add a throw and a few pillows to the couch or chairs
  3. Turn off the TV and play some soft music
  4. Febreeze your furniture and carpet for a fresh, clean scent
  5. Dim the lighting by using just a few lamps
  6. Light a candle!
With that, your home looks clean, organized, and inviting!


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1 comment:

  1. I have started locking the bathroom that company would use just in case someone happens to show up and then only letting the boys use their bathroom.

    B/c otherwise....ugh, boys and bathrooms!


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