Friday, March 5, 2010

Tips n' Tidbits-Eating Out and Saving $$$

Hi all,

Came across this post today at My Frugal Lifestyle, and HAD  to blog about it!

I love eating out...especially with my family.  Our home is too small for a dining area, so we eat every night at the coffee table; 99% of the time with the TV on too. 

So eating out is really the only time we have a real family dinner and I love having family dinner memories.  But the problem is the cost.  Restaurants these days, fast food or not, are costing a lot of $$$ for a family of 4.  Especially for penny-pinchers like us.

A great way to save $$$ on eating  I checked it out and wow...great savings on gift certificates to some really good restaurants!  Many as low as $4!

I will definitely be checking out some of the tasty looking places and save a bundle!  Visit My Frugal Lifestyle for more $$$ tips on eating out!


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