Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Everything you can do with an old pair of jeans!

And who doesn't have a bunch of old jeans lying around that have holes in the butt or don't fit anymore??  Well, I've decided to come up with a short series of posts on all the things you can make out of an old pair of jeans.

Sounds like fun!  Lets do it!  You may have already seen my first project from a pair of Micahel's old jeans.  Pretty cute and fun to make...see the tutorial for the loopy ball here and the tutorial for the blankie here.

Anyways, here is my second project..."Baby" the Denim Monster (that's what Jack named him).

Pretty cute, huh? So here is what you do:

Take an old pair of jeans and cut out two rectangles (or any shape really) from the pant leg.
 Cut out some shapes for eyes, mouth, etc from felt or another fabric
Design the face of your monster (I used purple felt and red buttons for the eyes and brown and gray felt for the mouth and teeth)
Stitch down the face of your monster
Cut out shapes for the arms and legs of your monster and stitch with right sides together
Then turn them inside out
Pin the body together with the wrong sides out
Add some ribbon for hair pinning the loop sides in
Finish pinning the body all the way around
Stuff the arms of your monster and pin them wrong sides facing in
Begin stitching the body (be sure to leave a hole to turn right side out and stuff)
Sew reinforcements on the arms (for protection against 3 year olds ;-)
Then, turn your monster right side he is starting to take shape!
Stuff the body and pin the legs in place
Stitch the hole closed with the legs in place
All done!  Now he's ready for cuddle time!

Keep coming back for more old jean projects and crafts!  Feel free to snag a button and link to us!


Happy Crafting!

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  1. Haha, he is so cute! That's an awesome way to recycle jeans :)

    Thank you for linking this to A Little Craft Therapy with Life in the Pitts.

  2. This is really cute. We like to make monsters and aliens in our house too!

    Thanks for linking up with What are little boys made of?


  3. Love it! Come link at my party: Thursday's Treasures!!

  4. You were featured as one of my favorite things linked up last week! Granted, it's still a small link party, but still... ;) Thanks again for linking to One Crafty Thing, and feel free to link up again!

  5. i just wanted you to know that i made some of your monsters and i posted about it here


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