Friday, March 5, 2010

Dr. Seuss Crafts!

And in continuing the Dr. Seuss Birthday celebration!  Here are some fun, family crafts!

Found some fun Cat in the Hat activities here!  Also head over and hang out in Seussville for a "Seussy" good time!

And now to test your "Seussy" knowledge...The Grinch Quiz!

-What is the dogs name?
-Where does the Grinch live?
-What is the main reason the Grinch hates Christmas?
-Where do the Who's live?
-What materials did the Grinch use to make his coat & hat?
-How many times does the Grinch get stuck in the chimney?
-How long was the Grinch stuck?
-Why did the Grinch think he could go down the chimney?
-The Who Children will dance with what tied to their heels on Christmas day?
-Who was the only Who who saw the Grinch on Christmas Eve?
-How much do the Who's like Christmas?
-While raiding the refrigerator, the Grinch took the last can of what?
-What did the dog do before the Grinch tied him to the front of the sleigh?
-What did the Grinch use to fasten the horn on the dog's head?
-Where did the Grinch stop first?
-How did the Grinch get the idea to dress up as Santa?
-Where did the Grinch tell the Who he was taking the Christmas tree?
-What did the Grinch leave on the walls?
-What was the last thing the Grinch took?
-After eating their Christmas meal, what do the Who's do that the Grinch hates?
-What is the name of the Mount that the Grinch took the Who's Christmas, and how high was it?
-What did the Grinch do at the Who's Christmas feast?

Let's have some fun!  Copy and paste the quiz to your blog and try and answer the questions!  Invite others to join in!  Post a comment here with the direct link!  Let's see who gets all the answers!  I'll post the correct answers on Monday the 8th!!  Enjoy!


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  1. My Benjamin will love the activities for Cat in the Hat...that will be great tomorrow with Dad working!!! Thanks


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