Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Happy Earth Day SSB readers!  
In honor of this day, I am featuring again a few projects that help re-use and re-purpose as well as promote saving energy!  Look for some posts from Appleseed Gifts here too!

Here I go:

Most of these are small, but by making small changes, we can make a difference to preserve and protect our planet...
...she's the only one we got!  

I've striven to lessen my energy usage at home and use the car less.  I've pledged to re-purpose and re-use clothing, toys and more from around the house.  I've tried to create ways to lessen the amount of trash leaving my house for the landfill every Monday.  Earth Day should be every day.

In an effort to engage new ideas and to share our own up with your Earth Day craft or project!
This Earth Day celebration will last until Friday the 30th at midnight!

And don't forget Mad Skills Monday is still going on!  Link up, share your stuff , and visit some other ah-mazing blogs! 


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  1. You're right... even small things can make a huge change! Thanks for sharing these ideas!


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