Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Sloppy Boppy? I just got this new job at a daycare...very cool.  Lov'n it!
What I am not loving is this one boppy pillow they have in the cover on it so it gets all slobbed over by the kiddo's!

Ginger to the rescue!  I took a blind stab at sewing a boppy pillow cover!  
Well, not really blind...I have a cover for my I, uh...just kinda studied that...and uh, well it's not that hard!  I didn't wanna mess with a zipper so I made one that has overlapping flaps...much like a pillow shame.

And here it is...ta da!
What you need: fabric (about a yard), sewing machine, scissors, etc.

What I did was measure the fabric using my boppy pillow (right sides together), allowing for hemming and I cut generously as my fabric will shrink slightly in the wash.   So we have 2 pieces and I also cut a long rectangle of fabric the length of the inner part of the horse shoe shape down to the tips that's about 2 inches wide.
 Cut off the top of one horse shoe shaped piece (see pic can slightly see where I cut).  Cut a separate piece that is the same shape as the top piece you cut, but only a bit wider so the top piece will over lap.  See 2nd pic below.
Start pinning all around the cover and pin the strip into the inner part of the horse shoe.
Pin and hem up the edges of the flaps and then start sewing.
See how it is starting to take shape?  
 Finish sewing all the way around, turn right side out and all done!

These pillows are a great tool for all mothers and a slip cover for them is just as essential.  Don't wanna make one?  Contact me for a custom order!

Happy crafting and don't forget about Mad Skills Monday!

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  1. Super cute, love that fabric! Congrats on the job!

  2. The fabric is adorable!! Your tutorial is very well written and easy to follow. Great job!

    Thanks for Hookin' up your link to my first link party!!

  3. I love boppies! What a great idea to do a slip cover!

    Punkin Seed Productions

  4. How great is this!! I am so impressed you figured out how to make one of these... I always wanted to know!! Thanks for linking up at Oopsey Daisy's Baby Week. Stay tuned.. I will be featuring all ideas on Wed. Wowzers throughout the month! Have a great weekend!


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