Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tips n' Tidbits-Re-usable "Swiffer-style" towels!

Phew! Its been a while since I posted a good tip! But I've been having too much fun crafting, cooking, and re-purposing! I've also been having tons of fun with Mad Skills Monday (which is still going on right now...head on over to link up and share your stuff!)

But anyhoo, I have a great tip for you that I kinda learned by accident (don't you just love it when that happens??)

I, like most moms these days, always do a quick clean up after meals and such with a Swiffer sweeper.  And with 2 dogs and 1 cat...THE HAIR!  EEEWWW!  

But man, those refills can get a bit I down-graded to an off brand refill from the $1 store.  But with some products, you just can't skimp on quality...especially when it comes to MY floors!  
I want 'em CLEAN!

So, since I've been on a kick of saving $$$ here recently, I decided to take a stab at making my own washable "Swiffer-style" rags that will fit the Swiffer sweeper.

After trying a few different materials, I found that Micro-fiber fleece works best (the same type of towels used for this project).  I simply cut the towels down to size to fit my sweeper, hemmed up the edges and was ready to go!

And the best part?  I was able to get 4re-usable rags from each towel (they came in a 2 pack for $1)!  A great savings, less Swiffer rags in the landfill, and my floors are well swept!

Happy Cleaning!


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  1. Great tip. I have been using old washclothes, but I like this idea.

  2. Awesome huh...? I love projects that save me $$$! Even more awesome is that its better for the environment.


  3. That is seriously a great idea!!

    Thanks for Hookin' up your link to my first link party!!


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