Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trip to the Thrift Store

Sooooo....went to my fav thrift store the other day and wanted to share the goodies I scored! (Love thrift shopping!!!) these things need a littel help...that's what I was betting on!

One of my little secrets (shhh...don't tell) is I don't buy packs of stuffing or batting from the craft store...I buy old pillows, etc. from thrift stores..!?  Seriously?  Yes.  And don't worry...I wash everything before I use it!
These ugly ducklings costs me less than $3.  Way cheaper and sometimes... 
you luck out a get a cute fabric to boot.

Like these...
this cute pirate flannel...
and this darling ladybug print fleece...

Can't beat that! 
And this thing is super ugly...

but it has a full layer of clear vinyl...I can make something cool with that once the pillow is dis-mantled...check back to see what I come up with!

Alrighty!  Hope you enjoyed my little tip!  Check out your local thrift never know what you'll find!

And Mad Skills Monday is still going on!  Link up and share your stuff...maybe your thrifty finds..?



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  1. Great tip on the pillows... I like to use my old pillows for stuffing as well! :)


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