Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rubber Chicken Challenge-Meal #2

Alrighty! So we're off to a great start in our challenge...Michael and I separated all the meat and bones, packaged everything up and its all in the freezer ready for use.

A messy job, but worth it when we separated out SIX packages of cooked chicken to freeze (not counting our Roast Chicken meal the first night of our challenge), a gallon freezer bag of bones for homemade chicken stock (perfect for soups, gravies, and more...look here), and all the juices from the roasting pan for sauce making!   

Quite a lot for a 7 lb chicken costing only $8!!

If you break it down...that's about 6 meals for less than $2 a piece AND a stock pot full of homemade stock!  Not to mention little tidbits here and there for salad's or sandwiches...can't beat that!

But to meal #2!  I made delicious Mushroom Chicken with Rice!  A meal I've learned from my mother.  Its super quick, super easy and super cheap!  And everything is usually already on hand!

What you need:
a portion of your cooked chicken (we made portion sizes that filled regular sandwich baggies; enough for the two of us)
1 cup of instant white rice
1 can of cream of muchroom soup
1/4 cup chicken stock
2 cloves garlic, chopped
dried Italian seasonings (substitute for parsley, oregano, etc.)

We took a pre-packaged portion of our chickie meat and put a skillet over med heat.  In microwavable bowl, add rice and 1 cup of water and microwave on high for 5 minutes or until tender.  Add chicken to skillet (add a little oil if needed) and heat thru.  Add garlic and can of soup.  Once soup is bubbling, add your stock.  Mix well until thickened.  Load your plate with white rice and top with your mushroom chicken mixture!  Serve with a buttered roll and salad!  Yummy!

Happy Cooking and thanks for joining in on the Rubber Chicken Challenge! Feel free to snag a button!



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