Friday, April 16, 2010

Homemade Sensory Bottles

While blog hopping one day at this lovely blog and found these awesome sensory bottles! What a fun and inexpensive way for baby and toddler to explore the senses??  I was thinking of heading up to my $1 store and checking out some different things to put in my bottles, but after thinking about it...I was able to come up with everything I needed to make them for FREE!  
All I needed was a little imagination!
 So here is my take (and tut) on these wonderful and educational sensory toys! 

What you need: 
a few empty plastic bottles ( go with different sizes and shapes too...not just water bottles, etc.)
oil (vegi or baby oil works best)
food coloring
glue gun
stuff to put in the bottles...let me explain...

This is where your imagination can really go wild...I put tin foil, yarn, scrap felt and fabric, plastic beads, pasta, rice, packing paper, styrofoam...anything you want!

Start a collection of bottles
 Remove the labels.  Wash them out and let dry.
 Make sure your glue gun is warmed up and have your food coloring ready!
Then, get busy designing your sensory bottles and fill them up.  When you're ready to seal them, put a bead of hot glue around the inside of the screw on lid and quickly screw it on.
Let dry and all done! 
 Get creative and make as many as you can...the kiddo's love 'em!

 So...we made a blue water and oil bottle with pieces of tin foil, a orange water and oil bottle with red plastic beads, a pasta bottle (has all kinds of pasta, rice and oatmeal in it), a hodge podge of stuff in a green plastic bottle (has foil, green beads, green felt, packing paper, and green yarn in it), and a green soapy water and oil bottle!
 Tons of fun...all for free!  And we plan to make more!  Jack and I wanna make a nature bottle (full of twigs, dried leaves, dirt, and rocks) and a glitter bottle!


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  1. super fun, cute and FREE idea! Love it...thanks for sharing :)!!!
    McClellen Memories

  2. I have seen John play with bottles like these at daycare and he LOVES them. I need to make some for home too! :)

  3. Fabulous idea! My little guy would love these! Thanks so much for posting and your creative tips for what to put inside! I need to add these to my to do!

    Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase! Hope you have a great week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  4. Thank you for bringing your hodgepodge to the party! Will be drawing the winners soon!

  5. How cool is that! My kiddos would love it!

    Thanks for planting your creative seeds at Plant a Punkin Seed Party!

    Hope to see you again Friday!

    Punkin Seed Productions


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