Wednesday, March 1, 2017

All Natural, DIY Household Cleaners


So in recent years of my life, I have become very conscience of the environment, our resources both local and world wide, as well as the safety of food and products I use everyday around my family.

I've been wanting to make some home made, all natural household cleaners for a long time, but wasn't really sure where to start.

After all, cleaning products are already relatively cheap and sometimes, going organic in some areas of the home can be extremely expensive - enter organic shampoos, soaps and detergents. These are pricey.

But after seeing this class online, I realized this was something super easy to achieve, very cheap and also an incredibly healthy choice for the family. I encourage you to check it out ;)

For about $6, I made two large batches of multi-purpose cleaner, a bottle of glass cleaner and a small jar of a degreaser scrub (think soft scrub). They all work incredible well and get the job done - no question. They also smell fresher and more pleasant than the big brand stuff.

To put it into perspective, one bottle of the multi-purpose cleaner I used to use was around $4. And I got twice the amount :)

If anyone has recipes for all natural, hand made necessities for the home, feel free to share them there!



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