Friday, March 10, 2017

Master Bedroom Re-do


So when we moved, three years ago, we literally came in, dropped our bags and got ourselves settled. Everything happened so fast and the next coming months were booked, so the walls stayed the same ugly poop brown and gauzy taupe color they are today.

Well, I'm ready! As you might know, I love color. You can see from my art work. And I plan to add plenty of color, texture and pattern to the room.

My first plan was to visit the store, At Home. I love this store and found plenty of inspiration. Here are a few things on my wish list!

A few big ticket items include a new arm chair and ottoman for a reading nook.

You can see my older son had to "dap" in this picture...

I also decided a small end table for the reading nook; I could go for either of these tables, but I'm leaning towards the X-frame table for contrast in shape.

I plan on refinishing my existing bedroom furniture. It's solid wood, sturdy and still has plenty of life left. I will be upholstering the headboard though.

Lighting will include new side table lamps. I really enjoy these jewel toned colors - they pair nicely with floral arrangements!

Next would be to top it off with art and accessories. I've got the art covered. But here are a few smaller items that will round out the design.

More inspirations to come!


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