Thursday, March 30, 2017

DIY Artist Mat with Poster Board


Just wanting to connect with the artists out there! I'm a mixed media artist myself and have participated in many group shows as well as had several solo shows. Here are some little paintings I completed while art journaling.

And all that work needs to be presented perfectly - hence a chic white artist mat to frame artwork. I prefer white as it makes every other color pop against it. It is a also a very classic look ;) With all this art work, I am a big fan of pre-cut mats. I generally order them from Amazon with the backer and plastic sleeve - very economical and easy!

However, they come in very common sizes and art isn't always a common size. So for little paintings on paper, I generally do a quick art mat from poster board with a card board backer. Really easy and every thing you need can be found at the Dollar Tree.

Here is what you'll need:

card board (preferably white)
white poster board sheets
utility knife
masking tape
paper cutter (or scissors)

Quick tip: I bought the package of 5 white poster board sheets as well as the white card board at the Dollar Tree in the school supply section.

First, I placed my art on the cardboard piece and gauged how large I wanted my final matted piece. I then measured 2 inches in. I then measured two inches from all sides.

Then cut the card board square and this will be our backer board.

Then lay the backer on the poster board and trace the edge.

Using the paper cutter or scissors, cut the poster board to size.

Now you have two matching sized pieces.

Set aside the backer and lets focus on the mat. Using your art as a guide, measure where the window will go.

I chose 2 1/4 inches in on all sides. Using the utility knife, carefully cut out the window.

Then using the masking tape, attach the art into the window of the mat.

Sandwich the matted art and backer together and frame. 
Or use plastic art sleeves or bags, as I have done here.

All done!


I will be linking to these awesome parties!

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  1. Your tutorial is really easy to follow and I am tucking it away to try - thanks so much for sharing with Awesome Life Friday! The matting really does set off the artwork.


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