Monday, March 6, 2017

In Love with Florals


In decorating, every designer has their little tricks for pops of color. Could be pillows, throw blankets, art, etc. Even rugs.

And yes - I use all of the above :)

But I also really enjoys pretty flowers. What better way to add some natural-looking beauty in your home that a lovely vase filled with flowers that never die?!

But being very frugal, I want to pack a color punch without spending a lot of money. Enter the Dollar Tree.

Here is a selection I have in my house - and these are not even all of them. You can see my sweet little DIY Succulent Pot front and center :)

There are several approaches for floral arrangement color schemes but I really appreciate pinks and greens. They are very eye-catching from across a room.

All of these arrangements were made with Dollar Tree floral stems. Most of these are thrift store or gifted vases.

This is my most recent addition. I found this awesome, geo-style, vintage vase at a thrift store for $6. It was a little more than I usually would pay for a vase but I had to have it. I am constantly on the look out for vases and jars to put flowers in.

I added black river rock from DT (Dollar Tree) and some pretty pink, peach and green flowers.

This vase was gifted to me by my mother on Valentines Day a few years ago. I loved the bold pattern and thought smaller blooms would look really cool.

This was an easy DIY project. I bought a small glass jar, stems and decor rock from DT. 
I applied contact paper along the bottom in a pattern, applied frosting spray, let dry and then added decor rock and stems.

You can add height and draw eyes up with tall arrangements. A single, bright yellow DT stem in a tall blue bottle adds height next to my Beethoven bust :)

Speaking of busts, I found this adorable vintage flower holder at a thrift store. It even still had the foam in it. Added a few stems and too cute.

Post a comment with your floral projects!



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