Monday, March 6, 2017

Duct Tape Book Marks


I read a lot when I travel for work and almost always forget a book mark. I usually end up using a receipt or something else equally non-fun.

My son came home with one of these book marks he made in school and I loved the idea ;) Plus it was something we could DIY together at home :) I knew my Dollar Tree had some decorative patterned duct tape so I bought a few rolls super cheap.

What you need:

patterned duct tape
hole punch
water color paper
needle threader

I started by cutting a piece of water color paper as the base for the book mark. The size should be a little smaller than the length and width of the tape. The paper will be "sandwiched" between the lengths of tape.

You could also use cereal box board or thick junk mailer paper. Whatever you have on hand. I chose the white water color paper so nothing would show thru the lighter tapes.

And technically, you could omit the paper all together but it makes the book mark more sturdy ;)

Cut the paper and then cut two lengths of your tape. Sandwich it all together. It doesn't have to be perfect, edge to edge. Just trim any sticky parts off.

Use the hole puncher to make hole at top center. Cut several lengths of a coordinating yarn color. Thread the yarn through the hole using the needle threader and use a loop knot.

All done ;)

I made a bunch.



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