Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Finished Weaving


I've been very excited to share my weaving process with you in various posts. You can see when I first began this weaving after I built my DIY loom. You've then been with me during the process as I was eager to share my progress here and here!

What kick started this project was I happened upon an online class with a tutorial on building the loom as well as getting started on my first weaving. I was so excited to get started :)

And while it is a spectacular online class, I'll likely be creating and sharing my own tutorial with my readers here :)

And here are some pictures of the final weaving :)

I have to say was I kind of scared to take it of the loom!

But everything turned out ok and I am very pleased with my first practice piece :)

I already have my loom warped with new yarn and ready to go! I'll be taking readers step by step on weaving threads, learning new stitches and experimenting with new materials :)

I hope you all enjoyed this project as much as I did!


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