Wednesday, March 8, 2017

DIY Cat Tree


As you've read here, I have four wonderful fur babies. And although I love my giant lap dog to pieces, I'm definitely a cat person at heart.

All four of them are spoiled, but I think I pamper the kitties a lot more. But what English Mastiff would climb this? ;)

This is a custom cat tree I built for my cats a few months ago and thought I'd share :)

But since its erection, my frisky little Oliver has claimed it as his tower!

Cova is a bit plump, so she is content to stay on the floor ;)

Isn't she just charming?! I just love her sweet funny face!

What you'll need for this DIY project:

one (1) 4 x 4 post of any wood, cut to 6 feet tall
one (1) 2 ft square piece of plywood
three (3) smaller, equal sized pieces of plywood for the levels
four (4) large brackets
six (6) medium brackets
box of 1 inch screws
box of 2 inch screws
two (2) rolls of rope
left over carpet peices
box cutter
tape measure
eye let screws
cat toys

The construction of this tree was very simple. I visited my local Home Depot and picked up a cedar post and scrap plywood from the remnant pile. Shopping from this pile is 75% off!

I had the guys at Home Depot cut the plywood into three equal sizes for the levels, I didn't measure. I just eye-balled a size big enough for my cats to lie down on it.

For the base, just remember if you decide to go taller, you'll need a larger base for more stability. I stuck with a 6 foot tall post so it would fit in my car.

As for the carpet, I was able to snag some scraps from Home Depot that were headed to the trash :)

Step 1: Using the drill, attach the post to the base via the large brackets with 2 inch screws. 

(Optional): At this time, measure out and cut a piece of 2 x 2 foot carpet. In the middle of the carpet, cut a 4 x 4 inch hole. Then slip the piece over the post to cover the base. Secure carpet to the wood base with 1 inch screws in each corner.

Step 2: Measure from the bottom where your levels will go. I used two medium brackets for each level for stability. Mark the bracket holes with a marker. Using the drill, attach the medium brackets to the post with 2 inch screws.

Step 3: Using the drill, attach the levels to the brackets with 1 inch screws. At this point, you should have a completed wood tree.

Step 4: Measure and cut three pieces of remnant carpet for the levels with the box cutter. Secure to the levels with 1 inch screws in each corner.

At this point, you could call it finished. But I wanted to add some toys and rope for scratching.

Step 5: At the base, starting from the bottom, attach the end of the rope to the post using the drill and 1 inch screws. Then tightly wrap the rope around the bottom of the tree, securing with screws as you go (about every 5-8 rounds).

Step 6: On the under side of the levels, screw in an eyelet screw and add some hanging cat toys.

Step 7: Sprinkle a little cat nap and watch your fur baby enjoy!



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