Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Vegetable Garden


So I wanted to give a little tour of my vegetable garden :) I love gardening and have worked pretty hard the last few years to get it right! Gardening isn't always so cut and dry -_-

Sadly, I've had several epic fails, but after a lot of research and experimenting, I know what works best for my lifestyle and the types of plants I want to grow :) Let's check it out!

Here is my main garden. I love raised beds. Practically fool proof ;) 

And super easy to construct. The wood plank I snagged from the remnant pile at Home Depot for 75% off. I had a few 2 x 4 pieces at home from another project. Add a few screws and done. I added four tall posts on each corner so I could cover the garden with plastic if needed.

In the raised bed, I have cauliflower, cabbage, hot pepper plants, three types of lettuce (butter crisp, romaine, and red leafy) onions and carrots.

I also have quite a bit in large containers. I prefer to put "bushy" type plants in containers, like tomato, green beans and sweet potato.

You can see here my first few little babies coming in!

I also wanted to try some berries this year so here are my blueberry and black berry bushes.

My brother in law built this large wooden planter and I have some spinach starting up here. 

In smaller pots, I have some bell peppers and strawberries :)

I did several vegetable plants from seeds this year; spinach, arugula, carrots and green beans. But everything else, I just went for young plants. Cuts down on the waiting!

My lettuces are looking gorgeous!

It's so amazing to plant, water and nurture your own food! I'm very excited to harvest this year :)



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  1. I love your garden, and your lettuces are gorgeous! I am hoping to put a small raised one in our yard once we are fully settled. Great way to save money too!


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