Friday, March 3, 2017

Succulent Arrangement in DIY Flower Pot


I kinda went crazy with the faux succulents. But they are such a sweet and cheerful looking plant, how can one resist?

I decided to make a quick floral arrangement for my kitchen and got everything I needed from the Dollar Tree. And the cost came to about $9 ;)

What you need for this project:

plastic garden pot
various faux succulents
floral moss
floral foam
decorative contact paper
decorative rocks (but I used some from my back garden)

The first thing I did was make a template for the triangle shapes on the pot. I drew it out using a ruler on watercolor paper.

Using the template, I drew and cut out eight triangles from the contact paper and attached them to the pot.

I then stuck the two pieces of foam together using toothpicks and placed them in the pot on top of a couple of Dollar Tree bags to add some height.

I then began to arrange the succulents around the foam.

I took another Dollar Tree plastic bag and tucked in between the foam and sides of pot for stability.
I took floral moss and rocks to fill in the bald spots.



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